Life Coach Celia Filla

"Empowering women to break-free from their limited beliefs about themselves, reach their full potential and become unstoppable."


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Celia Filla Is a Spiritual Life Coach and a high consciousness Spiritual Healer. She is a Practitioner with the Center for Spiritual Living and also an ordained Interfaith Minister. Read more about Coach Ceila here.


  • Public Speaker
    Available for spiritual and inspirational speaking engagements in Athens and abroad
  • Workshop Facilitator
    Ongoing and available for travel
  • Life Coach
    One on one coaching and we are now creating new programs
  • Energy Healer
    Hands on energy healing
  • Weddings and Memorials


  • Life Coaching
    This one on one coaching is only for those folks that are totally ready and committed to dive into a deeper understanding of who they are ... more info/registration
  • Hands On Energy Healing
    If you are feeling physical pain or emotional blockages, these energy healing sessions will help release the energy that is blocking the flow ... more info/registration
  • Financial Freedom
    3 easy steps to stop struggling and start creating real abundance in your life.. more info/registration

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