Life Coach Celia Filla

Discover the Joy of Soulful Self-Expression
Create The Highest Vision Possible For Your Life
Because You Become What You Believe In.

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This three hour workshop will:

  • Take you into a place of remembering your inner power.
  • Help you understand your life purpose.
  • Help you Create a vision for your life.
  • Help inspire you to take action steps.

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  • “I was amazed how fast the time went by. Very inspiring”
    -Stella Hutchenson Psl, Fl
  • “This was an amazing experience. I got so much out of it”
    -Blanca Gozman Ft. pierce, fl
  • “I am now clear on what I need to do”
    -Nancy Perez, Psl fl
  • “Self-acceptance and self-love is my purpose in life”
    -Deborah Ford, PA

Change will never happen until you choose.
Are you ready?

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