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"Empowering women to break-free from their limited beliefs about themselves, reach their full potential and become unstoppable."

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3 Easy Steps for Putting Self-Love Into Practice

In this three hour heart deepening workshop you will:

  • Be inspired to take control of your life
  • Learn the value of self-love
  • Have tools to create a healthier future. Emotionally and physically
  • Experience hands on healing
  • Embody a deeper understanding of who you really are
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Embracing your oneness!
(Energy Healing)

This Workshop will:

  • Help you remember your oneness
  • Unblock emotional energy
  • Learn to heal yourself
  • Move you from fear to faith
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Discover the Joy of Soulful Self-Expression
Create The Highest Vision Possible For Your Life Because You Become What You Believe In.

This three hour workshop will:

  • Take you into a place of remembering your inner power
  • Help you understand your life purpose
  • Help you Create a vision for your life
  • Help inspire you to take action steps
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Experience Self Mastery
Detox your body and your mind

I believe that at the core of every human being there is the ability to Love fully and completely, but for one reason or another, be it experiences during childhood and/or adulthood, many of us have lost touch with our ability to Love ourselves freely, honestly, and without fear. In this retreat we will create the space for unconditional love.

In this 3 day retreat you will:

  • Spend time in the silence
  • Veg able Juice to detox the body and clear the mind
  • Replenish your soul with self-love
  • Feel your oneness
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